Thursday, June 27, 2024

For Our Future Statement on Presidential Debate

WASHINGTON, DC – For Our Future Executive Director Sky Gallegos released the following statement following tonight’s presidential debate between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“The country heard two very different visions for America’s working families tonight – one rooted in action and building the economy from the middle out, and another defined by chaos and driven by enriching the wealthiest among us and leaving working people behind.

“The contrast could not be more clear. President Trump left office with the worst jobs record of any president since the Great Depression. As nonsensical as his unhinged bluster on the debate stage was, one thing is clear – a future with Trump in charge would mean an extreme agenda of tax breaks for billionaires, higher taxes for the middle class, higher health care costs, attacks on public education, and rights and freedoms Americans have enjoyed for generations stripped away.

“President Biden, on the other hand, brought our economy back from the brink. We’ve seen more than 15 million jobs created, an unemployment rate below 4% for the longest stretch in five decades, a record number of small businesses created, higher wages, and lower costs for health care and prescription medications. He understands that there’s more work ahead but he has a clear plan and a demonstrated commitment to build on this progress. 

“That’s the choice we saw on the debate stage and that the American people will face in November.”