For Our Future builds progressive power through voter engagement, issue advocacy, and community organizing to create shared economic prosperity, strengthen public education, advance social and racial justice, and preserve the environment.

Shared Economic Prosperity

For Our Future believes that every family, every person, and every worker should have an equitable opportunity to thrive. Over the years we’ve worked hard to push for state and federal legislation that centers organized labor and advances shared economic prosperity. We also fight back against assaults on union organizing because a strong economy that works for working people depends on a strong labor movement.

Strong Public Education

Quality, accessible public education sets children up for future success and is vital to the prosperity of working families. For Our Future has an unwavering commitment to ensuring public schools, teachers, and staff have the resources they need to thrive, positively impact students, and help build the future of our country.

Social and Racial Justice

A truly just vision of the future must account for the needs and experiences of all members of our society. Removing barriers that maintain poverty, block access to full participation in our democratic processes and economic opportunities, and uphold deep systemic racism is key to creating a country where everyone has the opportunities and resources they need to thrive and survive.

Fighting Climate Change

Fighting climate change and preserving the environment is at the core of For Our Future’s advocacy and community organizing efforts. All people deserve clean drinking water, a healthy environment, and natural resources free from corporate pollution. Fighting climate change also goes hand-in-hand with workers, families and communities benefiting from the 21st-century clean energy economy.

Take Action in Your Community

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