Trump Must Go

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                      
DATE: January 8, 2021

Trump Must Go

Washington, D.C. – For Our Future Action Fund released the following statement in support of President Trump’s swift removal from office in response to his role in fueling the insurrection at the Capitol this week:

“Together, we watched in horror as an angry mob forcibly entered the capitol building in a brutal attack on our country. These events result from a president who refuses to accept that millions of us came together to elect Joe Biden by overwhelming margins. Because of Trump’s unconscionable betrayal, people lost their lives. By trying to thwart a peaceful transition of executive power, he challenged the very bedrock of our democracy. His actions embarrassed the United States on the world’s stage. 

“Trump has undermined the will of the people. He has spread lie after lie to hold onto power he does not deserve. He refuses to respect our voices, our votes, our nation, and our democracy. Nearly four years ago today, Trump described a conjured up world of ‘American carnage.’ And this week, he exhorted vigilantes to bring his revisionist fantasies to life. 

“It’s time to hold the person who incited these actions of treason and violence accountable. By encouraging the failed coup, President Trump is unfit for office. For Our Future Action Fund encourages Congress to move with impeachment proceedings to remove him from office immediately.”