Terms and Conditions

I hereby irrevocably grant to For Our Future (”FOF”) and For Our Future Action Fund (“FOFAF”), their employees, licensees, assigns, funders, affiliates, agents, representatives, and/or grantees (collectively, “The Parties”) the unrestricted right to photograph/record/video/film myself (or minor child for which I am legal guardian), and property, and the unrestricted, absolute, perpetual right to use such photographs/images/films/video/text/personal details and derivatives thereof, in all forms of media, for any promotional purposes, including in organizational brochures, direct mail pieces, online, and other print or digital advertising materials. I understand that “photograph” herein encompasses visual images and likenesses such as still photographs, audio recording, and video footage, and recordings.

I hereby release the Parties, their associates, affiliates, transferees, appointed advertising agencies, mail vendors, and designated directors, officers, agents, employees, and vendors from any claims, and release and hold them harmless from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality for myself, including for any personal stories about me or my family that I disclose. I also hereby grant the Parties the absolute right and permission to publish, copyright, and use photographs/images/video/text of or about myself (or minor child) and my (or his/her) property for non-commercial promotional purposes.

I further acknowledge my participation is voluntary and that neither I, nor any minor child (or children), expect or will receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these photographs and images or participation in associated promotional materials.

If the person photographed or videotaped is under 18, I certify that I am his or her parent or legal guardian and I give my consent without reservation to the foregoing on his or her behalf.