Our Partners

Local groups are closer and more relevant to people’s lives than national candidates or groups. We build up partners with roots in communities wherever possible, provide them with resources and support and let them take the lead.

Alianza For Progress (United for Progress)

Alianza for Progress seeks to unite the Puerto Rican and Hispanic population in the state of Florida and develop leaders from within the community that will support progressive policies. Alianza seeks to transform Florida by organizing their communities through voter education, civic engagement, and issue advocacy.


BLOC (Black Leaders Organizing for Communities)

Black Leaders Organizing for Communities (BLOC) engages citizens in Milwaukee’s Black community to build long-term political power through coordinated political action and empowerment of Black leaders.


CASA in Action

CASA in Action is the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights. CASA advocates for immigrant families and to help elect legislators in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia who will stand with CASA’s 100,000+ Latino and immigrant members.


Clean Wave

Clean Wave is a project of Clean Water Action, which works to win strong health and environmental protections by bringing issue expertise, solution-oriented thinking, and people power to the table. 


Conservation Ohio

Conservation Ohio is fighting to protect Ohio’s environment, to make Ohio a clean energy leader, to ensure safe drinking water for all communities, and to give everyone access to outdoor recreation.


Detroit Action for a New Economy

Detroit Action for a New Economy is a grassroots membership-based organization that fights for economic and social justice for low-income workers and Detroiters. 

Florida Consumer Action Network

is a grassroots organization which empowers citizens to influence public policy by organizing and educating in areas where consumer voices are underrepresented.


Innovation Ohio

Innovation Ohio is a new type of policy think tank that blends progressive public policy analysis and hard-hitting research with a single-minded determination to drive this information into the hands of the media, policymakers, and allies to help influence policy decisions and shape public opinion.


Lancaster Stands Up

From raising their voices in the public square to going door-to-door to meet their neighbors, Lancaster Stands Up is taking back our democracy. They stand with the most vulnerable in our society and they strive to overcome the forces of racism, sexism, prejudice, and hate. 


Leaders Igniting Transformation

Leaders Igniting Transformation (LIT) builds homegrown leadership in pursuit of an equitable society by and engaging and organizing the leadership of young people to transform communities.


Make it Work

Make it Work Nevada is a nonprofit organization that advocates and engages African -American communities in Nevada.


Make the Road Pennsylvania

Make the Road Pennsylvania builds the power of Latino and working class communities to achieve dignity and justice through organizing, policy innovation, transformative education and survival services.


Mi Familia Vota

Mi Familia Vota is a grassroots organization that advocates and unites Latino, immigrant communities.


Michigan Liberation

Michigan Liberation promotes comprehensive criminal justice reform including courts, prosecutors, policing, prisons, juvenile systems, re-entry and diversion programs, and parole. 


Mothering Justice

By empowering mothers to influence policy on behalf of themselves and their families, Mothering Justice hopes to change the future of families in Michigan for the better.


New Leaders Council

New Leaders Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating a new generation of leaders and providing them with the tools needed to succeed–equipping them to run for office, manage campaigns and create networks of thought leaders.


Northside Coalition of Jacksonville

The Northside Coalition of Jacksonville empowers their community while standing against any and all forms of social, racial, and economic injustice. 


Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund

The Ohio Environmental Council Action Fund is an initiative to build the political power of the environmental movement in Ohio through strategic issue and electoral campaigns.


One APIA Nevada

One APIA Nevada is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that advocates and empowers Asian Pacific Islander communities in Nevada.



One Pennsylvania unites low income and working class activists with the support of a broad coalition of community, labor, faith, and student organizations. Together, they tackle the fundamental economic justice and political participation problems of our community.


PLAN Action

PLAN Action is a grassroots organization that promotes rapid response, legislative activities, and policy advocacy for communities in Nevada.


Pontiac Policy Action Fund

Pontiac Policy Action Fund works daily to engage, educate and empower their members and the community through training and workshops to be proactive in the fight against social injustice and advocate for public policy for all. 



POWER represents over 50 congregations in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania. They are people of faith committed to the work of bringing about justice here and now.


Progress Florida

Progress Florida is fighting to win a more progressive Florida through digital, earned and paid media, and other communications strategies and tactics orchestrated in collaboration with Florida’s leading progressive organizations. 



Restoration House Empowerment Ministries International (RHEMI) is a church with over 40 ministries, with emphasis on church services, Christian education, fellowship, community outreach, and worship through the arts and media.

Stand Up For Ohio

Stand Up for Ohio is a coalition of community, labor, civil rights, and environmental groups committed to building a coordinated movement for racial, social, and economic justice in Ohio.


Summer Organizing Institute

The Summer Organizing Institute is an effort to train a diverse set of young leaders on basic organizing strategy, theory, and tactics through a combination of progressive organizing curriculum, local practitioners, and extensive canvassing.

The Organizing Alliance

Faith Organizing Alliance is a nonprofit organization that partners with local churches in the Las Vegas area to promote civic engagement and empowerment to African-American communities.


Voces De La Frontera

Voces De La Frontera protects and expands civil rights and workers’ rights through leadership development, community organizing, and empowerment led by low-wage workers, immigrants and youth.


Working America

Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, makes sure that the priorities of working people, their families and communities are heard from our state houses to the White House, from our city councils and school boards to the halls of Congress.


Working Families Party

The Working Families Party is a grassroots, independent political organization that fights for Wisconsin’s working families 365 days a year — to raise the minimum wage, get big money out of politics, and advocate for racial justice.